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Make Your Charity Dinner One to Remember at OEC Sheffield

There are plenty of great ways for you to raise money for worthwhile causes. You could run big fundraisers, set up shows and galas, and you could even throw a charity dinner party. If your company is thinking about making a big donation to a local charity, and would like to drum up more interest and support from other generous patrons in your area, why not consider setting up an evening meal with a few rounds of entertainment, hosted in a fantastic venue to boot?

The OEC is a multi-purpose events venue that stands out as Sheffield’s premier corporate gala and dinner location. When you want to set up a great bash to support and promote a worthwhile cause, it makes sense to go all out on the preparation and the pizazz. Therefore, why not consider setting up a charity dinner or gala with The OEC if you’re about to throw a bash that Sheffield will remember for all the right reasons?

Why Set Up a Charity Dinner?

Fundraising, as mentioned, comes in all shapes and forms. If you’re running a business or are in charge of a local charity and are looking for interesting new ways to drum up interest and support, then you can do far worse than encourage people to come and see what you can do at a glitzy bash. A charity dinner will allow you to present your guests with everything you do for your needy cause and the people you really want to support. Not only that, but it’ll be a great chance for your patrons and visitors to take the opportunity to make a donation or two.

There are all kinds of things you could set up at a charity dinner. For example, you could host an auction, you could set up an evening of entertainment, and you could encourage sponsorship drives. Crucially, your guests aren’t just going to want to pay into a cause that’s worthwhile – they are going to want to benefit from an evening of amazing music and entertainment. This could be anything from tribute bands to comedy acts, a cabaret selection and more besides. Set up your evening, your way.

Make Your Charity Dinner One to Remember at OEC Sheffield - charity_top

How OEC Sheffield Can Help

The OEC is in a fantastic position to help bring any charity dinner party to life in Sheffield. Not only do we present a spacious and flexible venue, we make sure to offer our patrons everything they need to make sure their event goes off with a bang – in the right way.

Firstly, you’ll benefit from access to our incredible kitchen team. Our head chef in Head Chef is a world-class artisan in some of the tastiest menus this side of South Yorkshire. The OEC catering team will work closely with you to build a menu and a banqueting service to suit a variety of dietary needs and tastes. If you’re sick of sticking to the same old menus and food choices at your corporate or charity dinners, now is the time to see how much of a difference we could make to your palate – as well as those of your guests.

You’ll also be able to set up flexible, affordable drinks packages. We want to ensure that your guests have access to a spectacular selection of wines and bubbly. After all, attending a charity dinner is a great excuse to let your hair down and to start celebrating. Why do any of that with a sub-par wine list and drinks selection?

At The OEC, you’ll be able to set up a charity dinner party for up to 500 guests. It’s a brilliant way to accommodate scores of people who want to make a genuine difference. Whether you are raising money on behalf of a good cause, or if you are directly representing a charity, it makes sense to set up with a space that’s going to welcome as many guests as possible.

Our venue has fantastic acoustics, and what’s more, we arrange some of the most comfortable dining furniture for guests to enjoy for hours at a time. One of the best reasons to hire The OEC as your charity dinner location is the fact that we are so flexible to both your needs as well as your visitors’. The fact is, you can set up a full charity dinner right ‘out of the box’ with The OEC without having to worry too much about losing control over proceedings.


Trust Our Team

Above all, you can trust the experienced team at The OEC to manage and support your charity dinner night and all your hosting and presentation needs. Need some extra support in terms of technology and connectivity? Want someone to help support you in terms of hosting and presentation? If there is ever anything you need help and support with, our professional servers and staff will always be on hand to help you out.

The OEC is a long-standing Sheffield events venue with a passion for driving amazing nights out. From musical evenings to charity dinners, we consider ourselves to be flexible and raring to go with any and all party hosting demands. If you’re worrying that you’ll be running around in a panic trying to manage your whole event, there’s no need to fear. The OEC’s dedicated front of house and backroom teams will always be ready to support you.

Setting Up the Perfect Charity Dinner

Charity dinners are exciting and memorable ways to do right by a good cause or two. Therefore, if you are considering drumming up some serious interest in your charity campaign, it might be worth giving potential benefactors something to chew over – quite literally!

Create a unique charity dinner experience in a venue that’s flexible, spacious and comfortable for all guests and visitors. Why risk setting up a dinner or gala in a venue that offers anything less? Contact the team at The OEC now on 0114 232 0266 to learn more about how we can make a difference to your dinner night.

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