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Team Building and Training Venue

OEC Team Events

Want the wow factor for your next training or team building day?

You’ve come to the right place. OEC Sheffield is a contemporary, fully accessible training venue with capacity for up to 500 delegates. Finished to a high standard throughout with first-class hospitality, the OEC ticks all the boxes.

Located in the heart of Hillsborough, Sheffield, the OEC training venue is easy to access via public transport and boasts over 400 free parking spaces. Our main event space, the Rivelin Suite, is fully flexible to seamlessly accommodate groups of all sizes. Complete with leading events technology – dynamic lighting to complement any theme, built-in audio-visual facilities, air conditioning, and Wi-Fi – our modern training room blends style with functionality.

This versatile venue is ideal for all events, whatever the size. In addition to the Rivelin Suite, the OEC offers four VIP hospitality boxes accommodating 20 delegates in each or up to 80 delegates when combined into a single space. The Boardroom seats up to 12 delegates and is ideal for meetings and presentations.

Scalable event spaces

Accessible venue

400 free parking spaces

On-site catering

Built-in AV

Dedicated event planners

Team Building and Training Venue - Training venue - OEC Sheffield
Team Events

Corporate Team Building

If you are not sure which team building activity will deliver on your objectives, the OEC event planners are on hand to help you host a fun and productive team building day. As a multipurpose venue, we host events of all kinds. 

Team building events are a great way to facilitate greater team cohesion, reduce employee stress, and give everyone the chance to really get to know one another outside of the office. Gone are the days of ‘trust falls’ and embarrassing role-playing activities. Team building days out should be entertaining and boost morale.

Take the stress out of organising your corporate team building day with the support of our dedicated event planners. Here to work alongside you, we ensure your day is a complete success. If you are looking for inspiration, get in touch with the OEC training venue to discuss your team building day.

Team Refreshments

The Full Package

Get stuck in alongside your colleagues knowing everything is in hand at OEC Sheffield. From room hire, team building events, AV equipment, and catering, we have everything under one roof. Choose from our range of refreshment and catering packages, customisable to suit your requirements.

All catering at the OEC is prepared in-house by our talented chefs. We offer a comprehensive range of menus for you to choose from. We can provide a delicious spread of refreshments, including breakfast – the most important meal of the day – cold or hot sandwiches, and finger or fork buffet menus. Our range of bowl food menus are ideal for reducing contact.

Team Building and Training Venue - Training venue - OEC Sheffield

Three bars

Light refreshments

Buffet or bowl food

Canapes or banquet

Three-course dinners

OEC Sheffield
OEC Atmosphere
Relax and Enjoy

A contemporary training venue for hire with the wow factor. OEC Sheffield is the perfect setting for team away days. Our hospitality packages and dedicated event organisers deliver that extra sparkle to the corporate event experience. Relax knowing that our experienced team will lend a hand with planning, sourcing supplies, and hiring trusted services.

We are on hand before your event and throughout the day, to assist with any queries. Speak to our events team about any additional features you may require for your event. Our standard suite features include:

Your Questions, answered

Team Building and Training Venue FAQs

A team building event is a structured activity or program designed to improve teamwork, collaboration, and communication within a group of individuals working together toward a common goal. These events often involve interactive exercises, challenges, and discussions aimed at enhancing relationships, trust, and overall team effectiveness.

Absolutely! Our dedicated event planners are here to support you every step of the way. Whether you need assistance in selecting the right activities, organising logistics, or customising packages to meet your specific needs, our team is ready to help make your event a success.

Team training focuses on developing specific skills and knowledge relevant to the team’s tasks and responsibilities. It often involves structured learning sessions, workshops, or simulations aimed at improving performance in areas such as technical skills, processes, or procedures.

Team building, on the other hand, is more about enhancing the interpersonal relationships, communication, and collaboration within the team. While it may involve some skill-building activities, its primary focus is on strengthening bonds, fostering trust, and improving overall team dynamics. Team building activities are often experiential and designed to encourage teamwork and problem-solving in a non-work setting.

We offer comprehensive catering packages prepared in-house by our chefs. Choose from a variety of menus including breakfast options, cold or hot sandwiches, finger or fork buffet menus, bowl food options, and more. Our catering services are designed to accommodate diverse dietary preferences and requirements.

Our versatile venue can accommodate up to 500 delegates, ensuring ample space for teams of all sizes. Whether you’re planning a small team outing or a large-scale event, we have scalable event spaces equipped with modern amenities to meet your needs.

Yes, OEC Sheffield offers over 400 free parking spaces. Our venue is easily accessible by public transport as well, making it convenient for guests coming from various locations.

We’re proud to be a fully accessible exhibition venue, ensuring the comfort of all our guests and vendors. Our facilities include disabled parking, lifts, and accessible amenities, ensuring convenience for everyone.

Our modern training rooms are equipped with state-of-the-art audio-visual facilities, including dynamic lighting, built-in sound systems, and Wi-Fi connectivity. We also provide accessible power outlets, air conditioning, and black-out facilities to ensure a comfortable and productive environment for your team building activities.

Yes, OEC Sheffield features three bars where attendees can unwind and socialise after team building activities. We also offer a variety of catering options including light refreshments, buffet or bowl food, canapés, and three-course dinners, allowing your team to relax and enjoy a well-deserved meal together.

Absolutely! Our experienced events team is committed to making your event a memorable and seamless experience. Whether you require additional equipment, decorations, or entertainment, we’re here to accommodate your needs and ensure that every aspect of your event is taken care of.

Feel free to reach out to our team if you have any further questions or if you’d like to discuss your team building event in more detail.

The OEC Sheffield is situated in Hillsborough, just a stone’s throw away from the Sheffield city centre. Nearby, you’ll find a variety of hotels catering to different preferences and budgets. Additionally, we provide discounted rates at select local hotels. Get in touch with OEC Sheffield for further details.

There are countless examples of team building activities, ranging from simple icebreakers to complex problem-solving challenges. One example is the “Minefield” activity, where team members are blindfolded and tasked with navigating through an obstacle course (the “minefield”) with the help of verbal instructions from their teammates. This activity fosters communication, trust, and leadership skills as team members work together to guide their blindfolded peers safely through the course.

Structuring a team building event involves several key steps:


  • Identify Goals: Determine the objectives of the event. What do you want the team to achieve? Improved communication, trust-building, problem-solving skills?
  • Choose Activities: Select activities that align with your goals and the preferences of your team.
  • Schedule: Plan the timing of the event. Consider factors like duration, time of day, and any other commitments team members might have.
  • Logistics: Arrange for necessary resources, such as venues, equipment, and facilitators.
  • Communication: Clearly communicate the purpose, schedule, and expectations to all participants well in advance.
  • Facilitation: During the event, ensure that activities are facilitated effectively to keep everyone engaged and focused on the goals.
  • Reflection: Allocate time for reflection and discussion after each activity to reinforce learning and insights gained.
  • Follow-up: Finally, follow up after the event to reinforce key learnings and integrate them into day-to-day work.


For further information and guidance regarding structuring a team building event, contact our experts at OEC Sheffield today.