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3 Great Reasons to Hold Your Office Party at The OEC

As summer starts drawing to a close, it’s likely that most workplaces will have to start thinking about their Christmas parties. But surely it’s too early to be thinking about the festive season? Maybe not. Here at The OEC, we open bookings for Christmas as early as possible. That’s because demand is always likely to pick up later into the year, and we do always like to keep ahead of the game!

But what makes for a perfect Christmas party? Is it one which is affordable, easy to organise, or one with plenty of great music and drinks available? It’s probably likely to be all of the above. The sad thing is, many of us have probably been to a corporate Christmas party or two which really haven’t hit the spot. Office Christmas party organisation can be haphazard at best, and if things are fairly fast and loose, it can sometimes lead to complete disaster!

As a bespoke Christmas party venue, we’re here to make sure that you have access to fantastic food, drink and more on the days leading up to the big day. We’re full to the brim with fantastic Christmas party ideas, and if you’re in the process of planning a celebration for your office team, now is a very good time to start thinking about booking some spaces.
Here are some more great reasons why you should be booking your office party at The OEC this year!

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It’s a Party Venue Built for Celebrations

One of the main problems people have at office Christmas parties is the fact that the venue booked isn’t always built for a party atmosphere. You’ve probably been to a few corporate Christmas party events where you’ve had to sit around a long table in a stuffy restaurant, or where you’ve found yourself crammed into an uncomfortable bar or club. That’s where The OEC can bring a world of difference.

We book big tables in our grand hall with plenty of space for dining, drinking and dancing. The OEC was built for parties! We host live music, serve our guests four-course meals, and present you with plenty of opportunities to really let your hair down. When you book a corporate Christmas party, you need to look for somewhere which is a party venue first and foremost.

What’s more, our friendly and attentive staff are experienced in hosting parties and celebrations of all sizes! We love throwing a big bash, and while you may find helpful staff elsewhere, by booking with The OEC, you are guaranteed of party-focused waiting and support. That’s a nice touch you won’t get at your everyday pubs and clubs!

Enjoy Live Music

One of the big reasons workplaces love booking in with the OEC for Christmas celebrations is the incredible live music and bands we have playing with us. At our Christmas parties, we have a house band who is always ready to play your favourite festive hits while you drink and have fun with your work colleagues. What’s more, the music is neither intrusive nor too hard to hear over. Our venue is built to offer incredible ambience, which means you won’t be getting hard of hearing as you may be in a city centre pub or club!

You might even want to check out some of our brilliant tribute nights. Alongside our Christmas party events, we host tribute party evenings, where you can sample a sumptuous menu, drink from our extensive menu, and enjoy tribute performances based on some of the biggest names in pop music history. From Queen to Tom Jones, Take That and The Beatles, we cover all bases. If you have a favourite band or singer, why not take a look at our list of tribute events coming up? We also host theme nights, such as our live Motown events, celebrating the music of certain eras and specific bands and singers.

If a tribute night isn’t particularly up your alley, don’t worry. Our Christmas party evenings will help you raise plenty of cheer with your office group, and what’s more, you can party until well into the early hours.

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It’s a Night to Remember

There are those office Christmas parties which are memorable for the right reasons, and those which are memorable for completely the wrong reasons! The worst ones, however, are those you completely forget about. Here at The OEC, we create positive, memorable parties and nights out for you to cherish for years to come. People love our themed dressings, live music and special menus – and what’s more, you can get money off drinks at the bar on arrival.

Booking a full Christmas party with us is really easy. Once you arrive, you’ll be seated and will have full access to our fantastic menu, and our helpful, friendly staff will do everything they can to make sure you and your guests have a memorable and pleasant evening. If there is ever anything that we can do for you, all you have to do is ask!

There is a big difference between everyday Christmas parties and a corporate Christmas party hosted at The OEC. Our parties are big, bold and always full of nice surprises. We feel it makes a change for offices to come out and be completely catered to. It’s something a little bit special, certainly compared to just heading to the pub for a few drinks, or to a restaurant where you won’t be able to mingle so easily.

Book Now!

It may seem like early doors, but the earlier you book your tables with us, the better. Places at The OEC’s corporate Christmas party nights are getting eaten up and fast! Take a look at our upcoming dates and book online with us at your earliest convenience. Get those numbers in as soon as you can!

Or, alternatively, do call us on 0114 232 0266 if you have any specific needs, or if you would like to talk about your booking further!

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