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Charity Event Venue Sheffield

There really is no other venue like the OEC which is why it’s the perfect place to host your charity event. The OEC is a jewel in Sheffield’s crown, taking centre stage between two of the city’s best-known entertainment venues, Owlerton Stadium and Napoleons Casino. A striking modern events venue, the OEC hosts a schedule of live entertainment from the UK’s most talented comedians, sports personalities, and musicians.

The OEC boasts an impressive portfolio of multi-purpose suites, able to cater for up to 500 guests. The flexibility of this contemporary venue means it seamlessly adapts to accommodate small, intimate events, all the way to large-scale dining and entertaining.

Managed by a talented team of chefs, the OEC kitchen is designed to deliver fresh, delicious food for up to 500 people. Serving the finest Yorkshire hospitality, we proudly deliver fine dining and seasonal banquets throughout the year. You can be sure that our menu options are ready to impress your guests. The OEC dining experience really sets us apart from other Sheffield venues.

OEC Sheffield

Up to 500 guests

Small, intimate events

Large-scale entertaining

Talented on-site chefs

400 free parking spaces

Packages or bespoke events

Charity Event Venue - charity event venue - OEC Sheffield
Gala Venue Sheffield

Charity Gala Venue

A gala is the perfect way to bring together large numbers of potential supporters in a stylish charity gala venue. Galas are a social occasion, providing fine dining and entertainment for guests. Charities use gala events as fundraising opportunities to gather valuable support for a worthy cause.

Attending a gala is usually a black-tie occasion, requiring guests to arrive in formal attire. The opportunity to dress up and enjoy a glass of fizz is always fun. If you want to indulge your guests’ theatrical side, a themed evening might be just the ticket. As a charity gala venue, the OEC are here to help create your perfect gala ball. From a Masquerade evening or 1920s themed gala to charity colours or cultural theme, our event planners are here to help.

When it comes to an evening of great food and drink, you can rely on the OEC to serve a tantalising selection of 2 or 3 course meals or a buffet, with plenty of options for you to choose from. Fine dining and banqueting are the OEC’s specialty.

Every event and menu can be personalised to suit your exact requirements. We provide a range of menu options to suit all themes and budgets, with bespoke requirements catered for. You can rest assured we take pride in getting all the finer details just right.

Charity Event Packages

You draw up the guest list and we’ll do the rest. Our charity event packages are designed to take the stress out of organising a fundraising event or charity gala. We work to reduce the complexity of planning an event, making it easier to estimate and control costs.

Bookings are available in four fantastic packages, from just £14 per person. Each package can be tailored to suit the requirements of an individual event.

All charity event packages include:

Rooms Draft - OEC Sheffield
Fully Equipped Venu

Fully Equipped Fundraising Event Venue

The OEC is ready to help make your event a complete success. We provide all the essentials every charity event needs. The Rivelin suite features ample and easily accessible power, Wi-Fi and air conditioning. Three-phase power and built-in sound facilities are also available in the Rivelin Suite and selected rooms.

All the below are included:

Charity Events in Sheffield

Sheffield Charity Events

With well over 1000 registered charities, Sheffield is no stranger to fundraising events. If you are looking to host a charity fundraising event which is engaging and informative, one which oozes glamour, or an event full of thrilling entertainment, the OEC planning team will ensure the atmosphere and style of our venue perfectly compliments your charity.

Our contacts cover just about every kind of entertainment imaginable – we can help you to create the perfect atmosphere.

The OEC can also help source props and decorations to entertain your guests, from a photo booth or selfie wall to spectacular balloon displays.

Charity Event Venue - OEC Sheffield

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