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Why We Host The Best Christmas Parties Sheffield Has to Offer

Christmas is a fantastic time of year to bring everyone together. Whether you are bringing friends, family, co-workers or colleagues together at the end of the year, it makes sense that you’d want to host a fantastic Christmas bash to say goodbye to the past 12 months. With that in mind, the OEC is always ready to show off a fantastic array of ideas for Christmas parties in Sheffield. Whether you are putting a party together for your office or for a private function, our team is always here and ready to make sure you get the best possible care, service and access to some fabulous entertainment.

But why else should you consider heading to the OEC for your Christmas party in Sheffield this year? There are plenty of great reasons why we are the premier location for events, conferences, parties and more – and heading into November and December, your last chance to take advantage of our fantastic Christmas line-up is very much approaching. With that in mind, why not take a look at what’s coming up here and book online with us? Time is of the essence!

Parties at OEC Sheffield

A Location Built for Parties

It’s safe to say that there’s no party location in Sheffield quite like the OEC. We are an expansive venue, offering space for hundreds and hundreds of guests and visitors no matter the occasion. While we offer parties, events and conferences across the year, it’s our Christmas and New Year bashes where things really start to shine. For example, why not take advantage of our full festive menu and welcome drinks? Set up a table or two with us and we will make sure you are fully catered-for across your evening. There will be sumptuous menus, drinks offers and plenty of chances for you to strut your funky stuff on our dancefloor once our resident DJ starts pumping out the Christmas tunes.

We love making a big deal out of Christmas. Our venue is perfectly designed for festive bashes, and what’s more, our team really goes to town on the decorations. We feel that the end of the year is a great time for people to come together to relax and unwind. If that means helping yourself to a bit of bubbly and a cocktail or two, then why not? We’ll always be happy to facilitate your party and enjoyment needs.

Terrific Tribute Acts

One of the main reasons why so many people choose the OEC for Christmas parties in Sheffield is the fact that we are known as a major venue for tribute acts. Tribute acts are musical performers who have honed their skills to expertly mimic the talents and styles of popular musicians. This takes a lot of time and effort! The appeal in tribute acts lies in the fact that you’ll have access to a fantastic evening of musical entertainment from a brilliant sound-a-like. In many cases, if not all, it will be just like you’re watching the real thing.

Genuine superstars and big bands can be very expensive to see live. What’s more, some of our best-loved performers are sadly no longer with us. Therefore, tribute nights give you a brilliant opportunity to see and hear some performances which you wouldn’t otherwise get chance to witness. Tribute acts are some of the hardest-working musicians in the UK, and we’re always thrilled to host them here as part of our Christmas bill.

Think about some of your favourite bands and singers. Are you crazy for Queen? Riotous for Robbie? Maybe Take That tickles your fancy. In any case, we will always make sure to present a bill of entertainment you’ll remember for years to come, and for all the right reasons.

Christmas Party Celebrations - OEC Sheffield

Spectacular Service

What sets the OEC apart from other venues offering Christmas parties in Sheffield is our attitude and service standards. We don’t just present a fabulous venue and a fantastic menu. We endeavour to look after all our guests with the utmost care, attention and respect. We support an at-seat dinner and drinks service, helping you and your guests to settle in without the need for you to fumble around with complex menus or queues at the bar. We want to make your Christmas party feel opulent and special. For that reason, we really go all out when it comes to a touch of class.

Stepping into one of our Christmas parties means you get to dress up fancy and feel like a VIP guest. We treat all of our visitors with the same VIP service, meaning that you really will feel as though you are top of the bill. It’s these service standards which have elevated us to the very upper echelons of party hosts in our region. Will you find better party service here in Sheffield? Probably not.

We have plenty of space for tables of guests, meaning that we will always be pleased to greet you, seat you and serve you no matter your numbers. Therefore, whether you are bringing the whole office or a small group of friends to our venue, we will always be on hand to serve and support you.

Book Now!

If all of this sounds good to you, make sure to book with us as soon as you possibly can. Time is really running out for 2019 Christmas parties, meaning that if you’d like to reserve a spot at one of our tables – or several – do book online or call our team directly for support and advice. We will be hosting big events for Christmas right up to the end of the year, so do make sure to get your numbers together and to get in touch as soon as you can.

Christmas parties in Sheffield don’t need to be boring or samey! Take a close look at our upcoming parties and events and make sure you save yourself a space with us – sooner rather than later! Give us a call on 0114 232 0266 and make the OEC your premier party location.