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Memorial and Funeral Wake Venue

Wake and Memorial Venue

Wakes and Memorials

Following the passing of a loved one, organising a gathering of family and friends at a wake venue can be stressful. The OEC is here to support you every step of the way. We can do all the planning, organising, and catering for you.

The OEC is a contemporary memorial and wake venue, with a striking entrance and finished to a high standard throughout. The venue is fully wheelchair accessible, with over 400 free parking spaces on site. Our rooms for hire are highly adaptable, comfortably accommodating 10 to 500 guests.

Our team of talented chefs and attentive front-of-house staff are proud to serve the finest Yorkshire hospitality. Everyone receives a warm welcome at OEC Sheffield.

Memorial and Funeral Wake Venue - Funeral Wake Venue - OEC Sheffield
Wakes and Memorials Catering
Catering Services

Funeral Wake Catering

We take the stress out of catering for a wake or funeral memorial. Finding the right menu to meet everyone’s tastes and dietary requirements can be difficult. Our kitchen brigade are well experienced in catering for a range of requirements.

We have a selection of menus to suit different gatherings, levels of formality, and budgets. We can provide a delicious spread of refreshments from our range of cold or hot sandwiches, and finger or fork buffet menus. Our latest range of bowl food menus are ideal for reducing contact.

We also offer a bespoke menu design service, should you have a specific theme or treasured favourites you would like to include in the menu. If you prefer a three-course meal or a selection of stylish canapés, our chefs will help you create the perfect menu.

Celebrate a Life

Funeral Reception and Wakes

We are often asked what the difference is between a funeral reception and a funeral wake. Traditionally, a wake was held before the funeral, and a funeral reception was held after the funeral. In modern times, the lines have blurred, with the majority of wakes being held after the funeral. There is, however, a difference in formality. A funeral reception tends to be less formal than a funeral wake.

Overall, it is agreed that both funeral receptions and wakes have the same intention, to remember and celebrate life, together. Many families wish to display cherished photographs and videos as a way of sharing fond memories. Some families prefer to keep things simple, giving mourners time and space to reflect on the passing of their loved one.

The OEC will help you organise a funeral wake, reception, or memorial to reflect your wishes. Our team are on hand to provide support planning what is often the most difficult day of someone’s life. The OEC lends itself to both peaceful and lively occasions, depending on how you would like to remember your loved one.

How to Arrange a Wake

Once the funeral arrangements are in place, you will be able to begin searching for a wake venue to hire. The first thing to decide is whether you would like to hold the wake before the funeral, or after. If you hold the wake before, it could be a morning occasion and you might choose a menu to reflect this.

When selecting a wake venue, consider location and wheelchair accessibility. Central locations with close links to public transport and plenty of parking, all contribute to making a difficult day a bit easier.

Decide who you will invite, and let our team know if any of your guests have dietary requirements. The most important ones to consider are allergies, food intolerances, and vegetarian or vegan diets. Your chosen funeral wake venue will need to know about dietary requirements when selecting a menu for the wake.

Make sure the funeral wake venue has on-site catering facilities. If you are organising a large wake, look for a venue with a substantial kitchen which has the capacity and expertise to produce quality food on a big scale.

Funeral Memorial

A funeral memorial is a celebration of life. In recent times, memorials are often held several weeks after the funeral and wake. Memorials tend to be medium to large gatherings of people, many of whom were not able to attend the funeral.

Modern funeral memorials are usually uplifting occasions designed to preserve memories of those who have passed away. There is usually a framed picture or an urn to provide a focal point. Guests are provided with refreshments, and space to spend time talking to and supporting one another. It can also be helpful for some to have a peaceful area to retreat to when they need time alone to gather their thoughts or console someone, away from the main gathering.

Many who have lost a friend or family member find a memorial to be an important part of the healing process. It helps to have an occasion to pay tribute to and commemorate the life of a loved one.

If you are not sure how to plan a memorial service, the OEC are here to help. Events are our business, and we delight in delivering the perfect fit for our hosts. From catering and venue dressing to music and audio visual, we are on hand to help you plan a memorial to fit your needs.

Memorial and Funeral Wake Venue - Funeral Wake Venue - OEC Sheffield

Celebrate Life with a Funeral Wake or Memorial

There won’t be many reading this who haven’t recently experienced a loss. The grieving process can be a rollercoaster of emotions. While you may want to give your loved one a wonderful send off, the prospect of organising anything more than a funeral could seem impossible.

At the OEC we aim to make this process as easy and stress-free as possible. Entrusting us with the planning of a funeral wake or memorial means you have one less thing to worry about. We will ensure that your guests are made to feel welcome and comfortable at all times. We will cater for your guests with the level of care and attention appropriate for such a difficult time.

Memorial and Funeral Wake Venue FAQs

A funeral wake is traditionally held before the funeral, whereas a funeral reception is held after the funeral. In modern times, the terms are often used interchangeably. Generally, a funeral reception is less formal than a wake, but both serve the purpose of celebrating and remembering the life of a loved one who has passed away.

OEC Sheffield can host funeral wakes, receptions, and memorials. These events can be tailored to your requirements, depending on how you wish to remember your loved one.

A memorial service is a ceremony to honour and remember a loved one who has passed away. Unlike a funeral, the individual who has passed is usually not present at a memorial service. It can be held at any time after the death, even weeks or months later.

OEC Sheffield’s memorial and funeral wake venue can comfortably accommodate between 50 to 500 guests, making it suitable for both small and large gatherings.

Yes, OEC Sheffield is fully wheelchair accessible, ensuring that all guests can comfortably attend.

OEC Sheffield offers a variety of catering options, including cold or hot sandwiches, finger or fork buffets, and bowl food menus. We also provide bespoke menu design services for specific themes or preferences, and options range from three-course meals to stylish canapés.

For more information and guidance, please get in touch with our committed team today.

Yes, OEC Sheffield’s professional chefs are highly experienced in catering to a wide range of dietary requirements, including allergies, food intolerances, vegetarian, and vegan diets.

Yes, OEC Sheffield has over 400 parking spaces on-site, making it convenient for guests to attend.

To book the OEC Sheffield’s venue space for memorial and funeral wakes, get in touch with one of our dedicated team members, and we will be more than happy to guide you through the process.

Our dedicated team of event planners at OEC Sheffield provides comprehensive support in planning and organising your event. Our team can handle all aspects, from catering and venue setup to music and audiovisual needs, ensuring a stress-free experience.