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Looking for a Comedy Night in Sheffield? See What The OEC Has Planned for 2021!

Are you looking for some serious fun post-lockdown? Why not take a look at the best comedy night Sheffield has to offer? The OEC is pleased to be lining up some fantastic comedy dining events across the year to come and, all being well, we will see you all very soon indeed.

Post-Lockdown Fun

It has been a tough few months for many, but it will be worth it once we’re on the other side of the latest lockdown! Once it is safe to reopen again, we will be bringing you tons of opportunities to get back together with your loved ones, properly, with some of the funniest comedy night Sheffield has ever seen.

It might seem like a lifetime since you last went to a good comedy night. The OEC is really looking forward to making 2021 a fun one – I think we could all do with it!

What is a Comedy Dinner?

A comedy dinner is a totally unique experience. While you still see a comedy show performed before you, there are moments of interaction – where you can become part of the fun along the way! A great example of this is the Fawlty Towers dining experience, where it’ll feel as though you’re actually part of the show!

Comedy dinners allow you to sample our delicious menus and wine lists while fantastic comedy performers really put on a show. It is a truly immersive experience and we really can’t wait to share what’s coming up later this year.

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Comedy has been a staple of British TV for as long as any of us can remember. From modern stand up all the way back to the family fun you’d see down on the seafront – we’re a nation that loves to laugh!

At The OEC, we love to bring back fond memories of comedy brilliance. That’s why we love bringing tribute nights and themed comedy shows which Sheffield crowds really enjoy. We know that our guests are a nostalgic bunch and there’s a lot of fun in familiarity.

Dinner and a Show

Of course, an OEC comedy night Sheffield-ers can be proud of doesn’t start and end with the gags. We’re always pleased to offer a fantastic level of service to all of our guests! From mouth-watering menus to a fantastic array of wine, cocktails and soft drinks – with discounts available when pre-ordered – The OEC’s focus is always on making sure you receive a first-class service from the moment you step into our venue.

Comedy night service is particularly special. Our gourmet menus are carefully prepared by our talented kitchen team so you can settle in with friends and family to enjoy the show. We want you to have a wonderful evening – and that means top quality food, drinks menus, and incredible entertainment for the whole family.

Why not take a look at treating someone you love to some OEC gift vouchers? There’s going to be no better way for you to let your hair down and have a laugh in Sheffield this year.

What’s Coming Up in 2021?

Right now, we’ve got a raft of comedy treats lining up for you post-lockdown. We’re setting up a comedy night Sheffield visitors are going to be lining up to see – now is definitely the time to book those tickets online and save yourself a space.

Highlights coming up include the fantastic Peter Kay Experience, a comedy tribute show with a feast attached, arriving here at The OEC and scheduled for March. Stick around with us in April, too and we’ll be combining live comedy action with Only Fools and 3 Courses – bringing you an amazing Del Boy and Rodney tribute with a twist.

What’s more, the brilliant Fawlty Towers comedy dining show is on its way to The OEC in June. If you’ve ever wanted the chance to be a paying guest at Basil Fawlty’s guest house of mayhem, there is no better chance!

Later in the year, we’re bringing on board a comedy dining event inspired by the Mrs Brown shows and the hugely popular BBC series Mrs Brown’s Boys. Mammy’s Boys is another comedy dinner event that is heading our way and you can book online now to save yourself a table this October.

Why Choose The OEC?

The OEC has fast become the place to be for all kinds of entertainment, comedy, music and even dinners with sporting legends. Our venue is easily accessible and boasts one of the largest venue capacities in the city and general area. It’s a purpose-built entertainment powerhouse that’s going to change the way you appreciate live events!

We’re also keen to save you money. Not only does The OEC offer free parking but in continuing lockdown conditions, we are continuing our free online booking service. There’s absolutely no need for a deposit on the events we’ve lined up for you in 2021 and, in true lockdown fashion, our booking system has gone completely digital.

Just take a look at the shows lining up at our venue this year and click through to book and pay. You’ll reserve yourself a prime seat and table at one of our brilliant comeback events – and trust us, once it’s safe for us to do so, we’ll be bringing you a comedy night Sheffield hasn’t seen the likes of before.

So while we all need to ride out lockdown for a little bit longer, we’re going to be back with you as soon as possible with some fantastic, memorable comedy nights and dinner experiences. Take a look at what’s coming up and don’t forget to share the fun. We’re still offering gift vouchers for our venue, meaning now is the time to start planning your post-lockdown get-together.

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