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Making a Difference: Charity Fundraising at OEC Sheffield

At OEC Sheffield, we take pride in the charity fundraising which we regularly host at our impressive venue. We have a mighty reputation for organising fundraising events in collaboration with businesses and organisations wanting to raise money and awareness for their chosen Sheffield charities and beyond!

With our help, your charity event ideas can have an incredible impact – Here are some of the positive outcomes of charity fundraising in the community:

  • Encourages young people to take responsibility and make decisions to support those around them
  • Empowers non-profit organisations
  • Motivates us to appreciate what we have and not always seek more 
  • Supports marginalised groups
  • Promote awareness and advocacy for charity fundraising
  • Creates a ripple effect on other organisations 
Making a Difference: Charity Fundraising at OEC Sheffield -  - OEC Sheffield

Behind the Scenes: Why Choose OEC Sheffield for Your Fundraising Events?

Our Venue: OEC Sheffield boasts unique features, from its spacious rooms and adaptable spaces to state-of-the-art facilities and 400 free parking spaces.

Accessible Location: Perched next to Napoleons Sheffield, the OEC’s convenient location is nearby major transportation options and accommodation for your attendees. 

Foodie Haven: At OEC Sheffield we’re all about the food. Our talented chef team have devised a variety of feasting menus, from culinary classics to trendy fusions.

Technical Capabilities: The venue’s cutting-edge audiovisual equipment and technical support can enhance the atmosphere and overall impact of your charity fundraising function.

Various Packages: The OEC offers four fantastic packages, starting from £14 per person, to fit your charity event ideas, budget, and guest numbers – With selected packages inclusive of decorations, entertainment, security, DJ, and much more.

It’s Simple: You write the guest-list we’ll do the rest. Our dedicated events coordinator has fundraising events down to a T, your team can have as much or as little involvement as you’d like.

Making a Difference: Charity Fundraising at OEC Sheffield -  - OEC Sheffield

Thinking Outside the Donation Box: Successful Charity Fundraising Strategies at OEC Sheffield

To ensure your charity event is a hit, here are some top tips to consider when planning your showstopping fundraiser…

Tell a Compelling Story

Share real-life anecdotes of your charity, your organisation’s work, and the individuals who have been helped. This creates an emotional connection between your charity fundraising efforts and the potential donor and builds personal appeals on how their contributions can make a difference.

Set Clear Goals

Have clear objectives for your charity fundraising with specific, measurable, and relevant efforts to track. Understanding your audience’s interests, motivations, and preferences will help you reach your goals. Forging partnerships with sponsors and partners could increase your potential.

Offer Different Options

To engage your donors, successful charity event ideas include activities, guest speakers, or live entertainment! Plus, providing various contribution options such as one-time donations, monthly giving programs, or matching gift opportunities will accommodate their preferences and enhance your charity fundraising.

Making a Difference: Charity Fundraising at OEC Sheffield -  - OEC Sheffield

Lasting Memories: Creative Charity Event Ideas

Need some inspiration on how to plan the ideal charity fundraising evening? Here are some of our favourite charity event ideas:

  • A black-tie gala where attendees dress to the nines in their swankiest attire for a three-course meal and evening of music
  • Encourage local businesses to donate prizes which guests can bid for at an exciting auction
  • Themed parties – think roaring 20’s, Arabian nights, murder mystery
  • Live entertainment – such as tribute acts or battle of the bands
  • Bingo or a quiz – but with an exciting twist and unique selling point

Pair all of the above with a delectable dinner or mouthwatering buffet and you’re in for a charity fundraising winner!

Making a Difference: Charity Fundraising at OEC Sheffield -  - OEC Sheffield

Unleashing Generosity: The Power of Charity Fundraising

Sheffield itself has over 1,000 registered charities, but whether you’re supporting Sheffield charities or a worldwide organisation, the significance of charitable giving is monumental!

Just a few of the major differences it can make in people’s lives include:

  • Access to basic needs like a safe space and somewhere to rest their head at night
  • Provides necessities like food and clothes
  • Improved education opportunities such as training and skill building
  • Enhanced healthcare and social services
  • Encourages personal growth
  • Gives life-changing moments like crucial surgery

Ready to take the next step for your business or individually? Contact OEC Sheffield today and start planning your next charity fundraising event!

Check out our brochure below for more exciting insights into what we offer for fundraising

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