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Partnering with OEC Sheffield for Successful Networking Events

With the summer break over and everyone feeling wholly relaxed, businesses across the UK are refreshed and gearing up for the busy Autumn and Winter periods – Meaning there’s no better time to start planning your networking events!

If you’re looking for a business event venue that stands out from the crowd and some insightful networking tips, keep reading, as OEC Sheffield – and its incredible facilities – is the ultimate blank canvas to put your stamp on.

Partnering with OEC Sheffield for Successful Networking Events -  - OEC Sheffield

Networking With A Difference

OEC Sheffield is the ideal destination for networking events in South Yorkshire. Gone are the days of recent years for restricted, digital business networking behind our computer screens – at the OEC we’re all about getting face-to-face and building those important in-person relationships!

But what makes OEC Sheffield the perfect business event venue for your networking? We’ve compiled a few reasons why…

Adaptable Spaces

Whether you’re looking for an intimate room or a large-scale exhibition, the OEC can comfortably accommodate up to 500 guests with flexible suites that can be made bigger or smaller.

Food & Beverage

It goes without saying that nibbles and refreshments are a must at networking events, that’s why OEC Sheffield offers three bars for your guests and delicious in-house catering. We even have the option for breakout spaces, so your visitors can take a moment to relax.

Location & Accessibility

Perched just outside Sheffield’s bustling city centre, the OEC is surrounded by hotels, restaurants, and shops – the copybook spot for any candidates coming to your networking event from other cities. Not to mention, our free car parking for over 400 spaces.

Partnering with OEC Sheffield for Successful Networking Events -  - OEC Sheffield

Tailoring Your Business Networking Event

Customisation is our forte at OEC Sheffield and our team of dedicated event organisers are on hand to make your networking events stand out from the crowd, with their years of experience and plethora of networking tips!

Here’s how the OEC goes the extra mile as a business event venue to make sure your day leaves a lasting impression…

Additional Touches

As a contemporary venue, OEC Sheffield showcases Wi-Fi, air conditioning, is fully accessible, and boasts black-out facilities; giving you and your visitors peace of mind knowing they’ll have an accommodated networking experience.

Audiovisual Capabilities

Our advanced technological features ensure your networking events or even virtual conferences go without a hiccup. With LCD projectors, projector screens, PA systems, microphones, and dynamic colour-changing lighting, you’ll really have the wow factor.

Supportive Staff

OEC’s in-house event organisers will make sure your business networking day ticks all the boxes. From exciting decorations to flipcharts, pads, and pens, our team understand what successful networking events require.

Dining Options

Whether you want to provide light bites, buffets, bowl food, or a three-course dinner, our business event venue’s talented chefs can design menus special for your networking.

Partnering with OEC Sheffield for Successful Networking Events -  - OEC Sheffield

Top Networking Tips

  1. Set Clear Objectives: Having defined goals will help you focus your efforts on your networking events.
  2. Choose the Right Venue: Select a business networking venue that suits the purpose and size of your event. Check that it has the necessary facilities, such as ample space, seating, and audiovisual equipment.
  3. Promote Early and Effectively: Start promoting your event well in advance through various channels, including social media, email marketing, and personal invitations.
  4. Prepare an Elevator Pitch: Craft a concise and compelling elevator pitch that introduces the networking events.
  5. Facilitate Meaningful Conversations: Encourage attendees to engage in conversations by providing icebreakers, discussion topics, or networking games.
  6. Offer Value: Share your knowledge or expertise by hosting workshops, panel discussions, or guest speakers. Attendees are more likely to remember and events that offer educational value.
  7. Listen Actively: Show genuine interest in others, ask questions, and actively engage in conversations.
  8. Collect and Organise Contacts: Have a system in place to collect contact information from new connections; use digital tools or old-fashioned business cards.
  9. Follow-Up and Nurture Relationships: Send personalised follow-up messages or emails to share your gratitude for connecting.
  10. Evaluate and Learn: After the event, reflect on what worked well and what could be improved. Use feedback from attendees to make future networking events even more successful.

Ready to level up? If OEC Sheffield is calling for your next networking events contact us today, and head to our Corporate pages to discover further information!

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