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5 Reasons Why We Have the Best Conference Room in Sheffield

There are plenty of reasons why you might want to hire a conference room in Sheffield. You could be holding a shareholders meeting. You might be celebrating some fantastic news about a product line. Or, you could be holding a gala of sorts for charity. In any case, it’s important that you look for a large, accessible space where you can comfortably hold a conference for your brand and business. At the OEC, we have a fantastic, extensive conference room space at our venue in Sheffield – one which stands head and shoulders above the competition.

But why is this? When you’re looking around for a conference room in Sheffield, why choose the OEC? It’s not all to do with size, but – that is a big part of it! Read on for the full details on why we are the premier conference venue Sheffield businesses can take advantage of right now.

We Have the Biggest Conference Room in the Area

You may find that there are other conference venues in Sheffield. However, how many of them can seriously offer you all the space you need? One of the problems many businesses and brands face when it comes to setting up conferences is finding enough elbow room for their guests. At the OEC, we are proud to offer up the biggest conference room Sheffield has available. Therefore, whether you are holding a small meeting or a big, celebratory conference, you can be sure that we have the room to welcome you comfortably.

We can welcome up to 500 people into our conference room in Sheffield. That should be more than enough space for small, medium and larger businesses to host celebratory events and galas. Conference spaces need to open up to as many different people as possible. If you have news or information which is worth sharing, why should you restrict yourself?

OEC Conference Room - Sheffield

It’s Stylish and Professional

OEC’s conference room in Sheffield is arguably one of the most stylish in the area. We work hard to maintain a space that is bespoke-built for business conferences. Therefore, instead of expecting to bring your guests into a small, pokey and poorly-kept space, you can always anticipate setting up a fantastic event in a room which shows your professional side. You’re going to need to offer a good impression at your conference – why settle for anything less?

We make sure your conference room is ready to go for you as soon as you arrive. You can request us to set up custom looks, too, meaning that if there is any way that we can help you before your big event, we will. All you ever have to do is ask!

We’re Always on Hand

Leading on from that point, choosing our conference venue in Sheffield means you will have constant access to our fantastic, professional team. The OEC’s team of hosts and specialists make sure that our spaces not only look great but are well-stocked with everything you need. Do you have a technical requirement? We’ll be ready to hook you up with whatever you need. If you have a catering demand, once again, we’re here to help.

We’ll also make sure to offer your guests and attendees a warm welcome. We want to make sure that your conference goes off without a hitch! That all starts with a brilliant space, and the best staff on hand to support you from start to finish. Simple!

All The Latest Technology

We understand that conference rooms need more than just a few chairs and display units. The OEC boasts fantastic, state-of-the-art projection equipment and linkable technology so you can easily present and project to the crowd. You’ll have access to a fantastic PA system, meaning that you can speak clearly to the back of the room without having to tap your microphone once. We make sure to only ever work with the best technology for the job. Therefore, while you could hire a conference room in Sheffield elsewhere with lesser tech, why would you?

Save yourself some time, effort and hassle. By hiring the OEC as your conference venue in Sheffield, you will benefit from all the technology and equipment you need from the get-go. Therefore, there’s never any need for you to fumble around with your own equipment. You bring the data and the guests, and we will do the rest.

Boardroom - OEC Sheffield

Comfortable and Warm

Not only are the acoustics in our large conference room fantastic, but it’s also one of the most comfortable spaces we have on offer. We make sure that your guests are kept warm and secure throughout their visit. Our luxury seating is professional and comfy, meaning that you can keep presenting to your crowd for long periods at a time. This is great news, of course, if you have plenty that you need to say!

Your guests will also benefit from catering services on demand. Want to add at-seat service onto your conference booking? No problem. Our team will be happy to line up a catering package to help feed and water all of your visitors. What’s more, we make sure that our conference packages are clear and easy to understand, as well as to budget for. For that reason, many people see our venue as one of the best in the region. There are plenty of other great reasons, too!

Book a Conference Room in Sheffield

Getting ready to set up a conference in Sheffield? You’re going to need a fantastic space. You’re going to need the best team, too, to make sure you present your best ideas and news to the crowd. You can trust the OEC to not only provide you with extensive conference room space, but also the best technology and physical support you could ever have on hand.

Want to get your conference up and running? Call the OEC’s booking team now on 0114 232 0266, or make sure to set up a consultation with us via web form as soon as you’re ready.

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