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Complete Guide to a Banquet Venue

Planning a corporate party or business event can be an endless task – making sure you choose the right venue, the best date and time, sending invitations, booking entertainment, and catering for all your guests. When it comes to planning food for the occasion, it can be difficult to choose the right options to suit everyone, which is why many event organisers choose a banqueting venue to host their function.

To make your event planning less stressful, this guide to banquet venues will help you to choose not only how to cater for your guests, but also narrow down your venue options too. Many banqueting halls provide a catering and venue hire package, which makes them a top choice for events.

Complete Guide to a Banquet Venue -  - OEC Sheffield

What Is A Banqueting Hall?

In the UK a banqueting hall is most often a purpose-built room or building that’s used predominantly for hosting large social and business gatherings. These venues are geared up to serve hundreds of people luxurious meals for events like charity dinners, parties, conferences, celebrations, and more.

What Is The Difference Between A Buffet And A Banquet?

The word banquet is often misused in casual conversation to mean a buffet with a lot of food. However, the two types of meals are very different.

A buffet is a more casual meal where guests serve themselves. A banquet, on the other hand, is a more formal, sit-down meal with several courses served to guests.

So, if you are planning an event with a banquet, you need to consider if your venue has the capacity and catering facilities to offer your guests exquisite food with an impeccable service.

Complete Guide to a Banquet Venue -  - OEC Sheffield

How To Choose A Banqueting Venue

When it comes to finding a venue that can offer a complete banquet service, planners can be faced with a challenge, especially for larger events. That’s because many venues don’t have the infrastructure or staff to be able to serve multiple courses to large numbers of guests. But on top of that, your chosen venue will also need to have the capacity for the number of guests, any entertainment you have planned, and be easily accessible. Therefore, it is important to choose a venue that can meet all the required needs.

Here are a few tips to consider when choosing the best banqueting venue for your event:


Your chosen venue will need to comfortably accommodate all your guests. To calculate this, assume that everyone that you invite will attend.


You’ll need to consider what location is convenient and accessible for your guests, so contemplate public transport access, car parking, and nearby hotels.


Most venues will be upfront about costs and what the price includes. However, you’ll need to confirm if the food, drink, and entertainment is an additional cost to the venue hire, or whether it is included in the price.

Complete Guide to a Banquet Venue -  - OEC Sheffield

Banqueting Venue In Sheffield

If you are looking for a banquet venue in Sheffield, the OEC offers various fully serviced dining rooms that can be dressed to suit your event and style. We can tailor the menu to your tastes, with in-house chefs offering exceptional formal dining menus as well as hot and cold platters. Our chefs create dishes using the finest fresh, quality ingredients, prepared for great presentation and taste.

Your guests will easily be able to access our banqueting venue, as it has great links to public transport as well as 400 car parking spaces. And, for entertainment, the Rivelin suite comes with three-phase power and built-in sound facilities.

For more information and for your bespoke quote, contact our experienced event planning team or find out more about our banquet venue in Sheffield.

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