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Looking for a School or University Prom Venue in Sheffield?

The OEC in Sheffield is getting ready behind the scenes for a fantastic 2021. This year may have been up and down for many of us – all the more reason to start looking ahead to the future! The OEC is already accepting online bookings for 2021 meaning that if you want to take advantage of our prom venue for your school or university celebration, or if you’re looking for a venue for your university dinner, now is the time to get involved!

The OEC is more than just a conference centre. It’s more than just your average wedding or party venue, too! We are a leading prom venue which Sheffield can be proud of. If you are looking around for school Prom venues and are unsure which offers the best value and the most appealing features, we’d like to throw our collective hat into the ring!

Here are some great reasons why booking The OEC, as the venue for your Ball in 2021, makes perfect sense.

Special Dinners to Remember

Part of what makes The OEC so popular with so many people is our fantastic dinner service. We’re well-known for hosting special VIP dinners as well as tribute nights but, as a prom venue, we can offer something a little bit extra special.

Open to guests aged 16 and over, we’re excited to open our doors once more to anyone who will be graduating in 2021. 2020 has been a tough year but, with the New Year on the horizon, now is a great time to start planning and booking your special events. We think you should be planning a big celebration for the “Class of ‘21” – they deserve a special night of fun so check out our Ball and dinner packages?

When you book The OEC as a Student Ball or Prom venue, you’ll have access to our huge events space and dance floor, as well as our ‘at seat’ table service, full bar, and all the AV amenities you’ll need. Looking for a fantastic sound system for the end of year playlist? Want to take advantage of professional lighting and in-house DJ expertise? No problem, our AV facilities are second to none.

You’ll also be able to take full advantage of our unique dinner menus and packages. We can tailor your Prom or Ball to your graduates’ needs, meaning that we will be more than happy to help you create that perfect send-off in 2021.

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Yorkshire Hospitality

What really sets The OEC apart as a venue for your Ball in Sheffield is, of course, our incredible hospitality. We want to make sure that your guests get the Graduation or Prom experience they deserve. All the glitz and glamour of those events you’ve seen time and again on TV and in movies – it’s all achievable when you have a flexible venue like The OEC, as well as our hospitality team on standby to make sure that all your needs are catered for.

We offer VIP services to all our guests. Tailor your Prom package with us and your guests will be able to enjoy table service as well as access to a variety of entertainment. Want to book a full band for your Prom or Graduation? Prefer something along the lines of karaoke, or a classic DJ setup? We’ll bring the lights, the music, and the expertise. It’s our job to make sure that your guests are catered for each and every step of the way.

The perfect Prom is one that should be remembered for all the right reasons. We’re opening up our 2021 bookings for school, college, and university Balls right now so that you can make plans for the year ahead. Even if 2020 was the year that everyone was distance-learning, let’s hope that there’s no reason why the same will apply in 2021 – we have our fingers crossed that 2021 will be better for us all!

Book Your School Prom Venues Now

Just as The OEC is a great multipurpose wedding and corporate event venue, it’s also the perfect university Ball venue, too. We have the space, the equipment, the service standards, and the delicious menus to help make special dinners go with a bang.

If you’re already looking for the perfect venue for Prom ’21, be sure to get in touch with the bookings team at The OEC. We look forward to celebrating graduation with you next year!

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