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Wedding Planning 101: Tips for a Stress-Free Celebration

Wedding planning, it’s well-known around the world for its potential stress-inducing nature… However, it doesn’t need to be that way!

Oh, the list of things that could go wrong on the wedding day, from a dress that’s too small to a DJ that’s a no-show. With around 250,000 marriages per year in the UK you’d think brides and grooms would have their wedding planning coordinated like a perfectly executed dance routine. But it’s not always the reality unless you’re a trained and professional wedding planner.

If you’re wondering how to plan a wedding that’s stress-free and unforgettable, we’ve got your back at OEC Sheffield, with our wedding tips for a relaxed and extraordinary day – Let us turn your planning stress to marriage success.

Wedding Planning 101: Tips for a Stress-Free Celebration - OEC Sheffield

The Foundation of Planning: Establishing Your Wedding Budget

One of the very first things you should do after getting engaged and beginning the exciting wedding planning is to set a budget. Consider your combined income with your partner and how much you could realistically put aside per month. Once you have your rough budget, you can decide where you want to spend the bulk of it, for example, venue and catering.

Now’s also the time to find out if any family members, like parents and grandparents, were thinking of contributing anything to your wedding day. Did you know that the average wedding in the UK costs approximately £20,000?

Interesting Fact: The UK wedding industry is suggested to be worth a whopping £14.7 billion per year – Crazy, right?

Ensuring Smooth Progress: Creating a Realistic Timeline

Ok, so now you have your budget – what to move on to next? We recommend organising an estimated timeline. When working out how to plan a wedding itinerary consider points such as, how long it will take you to save, do your plans require a large notice period, and when your vendors (photographers, DJ, etc.) are available.

Couples are spending between 12-24 months on average wedding planning. (Is this what you expected?) A major factor for this is the wedding venue’s calendar and how far in advance they book up – but more on that later!

Wedding Tips: To ease the stress, save the smaller tasks (like table decorations) until closer to the date and get the big tasks ticked off early.

Wedding Planning 101: Tips for a Stress-Free Celebration - OEC Sheffield

Choosing the Perfect Venue: Factors to Consider

Choosing the perfect wedding venue is essential for creating a blissful atmosphere on your special day.

When considering venues during your wedding planning, it’s vital to prioritise factors such as location, capacity, and availability. With food often taking the lead, recent trends show that 78% of couples prioritise food quality over cost!

When researching vendors, finding your dream team that is supportive is key – and at OEC Sheffield, we’re proud to boast just that, whilst also considering your overall vision and needs.

Food for thought: Statistics show in the UK, 50% of weddings are on a Saturday and 45% in the summer.

Delegating Tasks: Sharing the Load

Nowadays, many couples don’t hire a wedding planner to assist with the smooth running of their important day – that’s why it’s crucial to coordinate. To ensure a seamless celebration, don’t be scared to communicate clearly with your friends and family with any wedding planning help you need and how you’re feeling.

You’ll be surprised to find that the majority of your guestlist want to lend a helping hand and contribute to your ‘I do’. OEC Sheffield’s expert team are just a phone call away to ease the questions and queries surrounding your extra-special event.

You’re Not Alone: Don’t feel like you’re spamming the venue –  73% of couples stay in contact regularly with the venue via email once booking!

Wedding Planning 101: Tips for a Stress-Free Celebration - OEC Sheffield

Stress-Relief Strategies: Self-Care Amidst Planning Chaos

  • Embrace flexibility, things might not always go to plan and that’s okay – organise for contingency.
  • Take breaks to recharge e.g. 2 weeks of no wedding planning. Prioritise your emotional well-being by scheduling intentional breaks from wedding planning to avoid burnout.
  • Centring your focus on the love you share with your partner can alleviate stress and bring renewed purpose to the planning process. Stay connected and lean on them when necessary.
  • Don’t sweat the small stuff. It’s easy to get caught up in minor details that ultimately won’t significantly impact your special day.
  • Practice letting go of perfectionism and focus your energy on creating meaningful moments and memories with your partner and loved ones.

A Stylish Wedding Venue in Sheffield

At OEC Sheffield, we’re proud to offer the wow factor when it comes to your wedding planning. With a variety of packages and flexible spaces, we’re the perfect choice for small and intimate or large and lively weddings.

Head over to our Weddings page to discover more and create a lifetime of memories at OEC Sheffield.

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