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Why Choose the OEC As Your Sheffield Prom Venue?

A university prom or graduation ball is the social highlight of the year for students needing to destress after their exams and celebrate with classmates after years of hard work and dedication. When study timetables are all but forgotten, students everywhere are keen to enjoy a much-needed celebration. As a leading Sheffield prom venue, the OEC is pleased to provide everything you need to present a glamorous and memorable prom, ball, or university gala.

Purpose-built for events, dinners and showcases, the OEC has become a leading choice for prom venue hire across Sheffield and South Yorkshire. Offering ample dining and celebration space, state-of-the-art audio-visual technology and an attentive, knowledgeable hospitality team, if you need prom venue ideas, we will be only too happy to help.

OEC Sheffield Prom Venue for Student Celebrations

Why is the University Prom So Important?

Students who have been working hard to build their future careers will need an opportunity to let their hair down and celebrate with peers. Revision, exams, and intensive study are over. Once exam results are revealed and graduation takes place, it’s time for students, graduates, and their families and friends, to celebrate!

The university prom, while an American concept, has become hugely popular in the UK in recent years. Sheffield, as a dual university city, likely plays host to more graduation galas and dinners than most others. Therefore, the events planning team at the OEC work tirelessly to present an exceptional prom venue which graduates and event planners alike, can rely on.

The tension and excitement of receiving exam results deserves a special event to round off years of hard work. As a prime university dinner venue, the OEC regularly hosts private galas, parties, themed evenings and more. If you are considering options for prom venue hire in Sheffield, we’d be delighted to show you exactly what we have available at our well-appointed, contemporary venue.

All The Space You Need

The best prom venue Sheffield has to offer should, naturally, offer ample space. It is not only a handful of students who will be graduating. Both the University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam University celebrate the graduation of thousands of students across scores of disciplines every year.

The OEC is a contemporary venue in Sheffield offering flexible event spaces. Our rooms are specially designed to adapt to the needs of our guests, accommodating small or large groups of up to 500 guests, with plenty of space to produce unbeatable acoustics and comfort for weary revellers. We are pleased to present a Sheffield prom venue operating within the latest government guidelines regarding COVID-19.

The OEC provides 400 free parking spaces for unlimited convenience. Located less than three miles from Sheffield city centre, the OEC is easily accessible by car, train, or taxi.

Prom Celebrations in Sheffield OEC

A Planning Team to Rely On

The OEC is proud to present a dedicated events planning team. Our planning specialists have considerable experience bringing prom venue ideas to life – alongside weddings, private gatherings, and conferences.

Our planning team can help you achieve the perfect atmosphere and ambience for your prom. As a leading Sheffield prom venue, the OEC will be happy to support venue dressing, bespoke lighting, entertainment facilities and technology, and more. Finding the ideal venue for graduation requires a balance of needs, considering facility requirements and the desired theme. This is not always simple to achieve. Therefore, consider the OEC’s planning experts as the only team you need throughout the prom and graduation party planning process.

The OEC also provides a delectable selection of menu and buffet choices, adaptable to a wide variety of tastes and dietary or allergy needs. Our celebration food menus are available to view online. The OEC planning team will support you to fine-tune the perfect menu for your prom or graduation, from three-course meals and buffets to fork and bowl food selections. Our bowl food menus are a popular choice to blend convenience with fusion cuisine.

For your entertainment needs, the OEC can recommend and book performers of all kinds for your prom evening – from music and dancing to close-up magic and selfie booths.

First-Class Hospitality All Seasons

Another element to the OEC, which sets our venue apart from other prom venue hire in Sheffield, is our dedication to best-in-class service. Our hospitality team – from the kitchen to front-of-house – are always prepared to support the needs of our guests. Graduates attending your Sheffield prom venue can expect exceptional at-seat care, accessibility (including a lift, automatic entrance doors, and a Changing Places Toilet), and helpful guidance throughout the evening, with the OEC

You can rely on OEC hospitality to support your needs when it comes to technology and venue setup, to ensure your prom or graduation celebration is an absolute success. There is never any need to handle the finer points of prom venue hire alone – team OEC provide attentive hospitality for the perfect Sheffield prom, from initial enquiry to bidding the last of your guests farewell after a fantastic night of celebrations.

Be sure to contact the OEC now to discuss your ideal prom venue in Sheffield. Call our team on 0114 232 0266, or email

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