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5 Key Reasons to Hold Your Conference at The OEC

The OEC is a stunning, expansive and cost-effective option for large-scale events of all kinds. What’s more, we are also proud to present a wealth of options to Sheffield businesses and local organisations who require a flexible, affordable conference venue in their area. Whether you need basic function room space or an extensive package to cater to hundreds, The OEC is the latest and most exciting venue to open up in South Yorkshire.

To many, we’re known as a big events venue. However, we are fast becoming popular with businesses and organisations in need of conference care and support. But why should you hold your conference at The OEC? Here are a few reasons we think you should get in touch with us right away to make a booking.

Conference Venue - OEC Sheffield

We’re in a Prime Location

A fantastic conference venue should be one which is well-linked to other cities, motorways and public transport. A conference is something which business owners and representatives from all over the country will likely wish to attend. Therefore, it makes little sense to hold functions in the middle of nowhere!

The OEC is based in the heart of Sheffield, one of the most industrious locales in Yorkshire as a whole. We are in an excellent position not just for people to attend via road and rail, but also by air. We’ve set up The OEC so that it can provide function rooms and conference hall space to brands which are both nationally and internationally important. We are fast becoming a leading name in conference care and hosting as a result of our incredible location.

We Have Plenty of Room

Conferences – no matter what they may be for – need plenty of space. Whether you are hosting local businesses or are welcoming international guests and investors, you are going to need function room space which will comfortably suit hundreds of people.

The OEC offers a range of suites and conference rooms which can host up to 500 people at any one time. Therefore, if you are playing host to a big end-of-year gala, or are offering exciting news to investors and shareholders, they will feel comfortable and relaxed in state-of-the-art conference suites built to welcome hundreds.

We understand that it can be difficult to find a venue which will safely and willingly cater to large numbers of people. That’s part of the reason why The OEC is becoming so popular. We’ve already hosted large-scale events and conferences here with glowing reviews. Why should you feel that you have to compromise on safety and space?

High-Class Comfort and Technology Guaranteed

Conference attendees are going to expect a certain level of comfort and class. Big business events and galas shouldn’t ever compromise by setting up in crowded, poorly-cared-for halls and rooms. The OEC’s fabulous array of suites and rooms are built and designed with the ultimate in visitor comfort in mind. We’ve carefully curated suites with seating, tables, acoustics and aesthetics to appeal to all. There will never be a risk of anyone feeling uncomfortable or uninspired.

We set up our suites to ensure that the prestige of your event or conference is always protected. Whether you are hosting a lighter dinner or a more serious event, our suites and function rooms can be arranged to fit your exact needs and purposes.

What’s more, you and your guests will always have access to the technology you require. Make sure of our fabulous presentation facilities and incredible acoustics to show your work to the world. Put your guests’ minds at ease with free Wi-Fi offered to all attendees as standard. We’ve made sure that our business and event suites are fitted with the latest and most celebrated in events hardware and technology.

Conference Catering - OEC Sheffield

You’re Fully Catered

Catering a conference venue can be a nightmare if you have to do it on your own. That’s why The OEC offers a flexible catering package along with suite or function room hire of your choice. We have a full catering team and professional chefs who work around the clock to create delicious meals and buffet packages to suit all attendees.

Unlike many other conference venues, we offer a wide variety of catering packages to appeal to all tastes and dietary needs. You’ll be able to discuss menus with our team and head chef far ahead of your conference. This way, we can set up a delicious array of food which caters to all visitors – marked for allergies and for dietary requirements such as vegan, vegetarian and pescatarian alike.

Whether you’re hosting a breakfast for your delegates, or if you’d like to host a simple buffet on a half-day basis, our team will always be on hand to introduce a catering package to your event that suits your needs.

We’re Always on Hand

One of the main reasons people choose The OEC as a leading conference venue is the fact that our teams are always attentive and professional, no matter the cause. Whether you need support setting up one or more suites, or require catering to be laid out in a separate area, you will always have access to someone on-site who can attend to your every need.

The OEC will never leave you in the deep end. Even if you are hosting in one simple function room, we will be sure to patrol and support you throughout your day. We will be hands-off when you are presenting your conference – but otherwise, you can call a member of our friendly team at any time to manage things for you.

Book Ahead With The OEC

More and more people are discovering The OEC in Sheffield. As function room specialists, we are a conference venue which is growing in popularity all the time. If you have a conference hosting need in the near future, or would like to know more about what we can do for you, please get in touch via email form, or call us on 0114 232 0266 for a chat at your convenience.

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