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Looking for a Meeting Venue in Sheffield? We Have You Covered!

No matter the size or nature of your business, meetings are always likely to happen. Whether it’s to draw up plans for a new product line, to address end of year results or to discuss investor opportunities, you’re always going to need flexible meeting room space at short notice. However, if you operate in a small premises without much space, finding the opportunity to host worthwhile meetings may not always be so simple. You’re going to need a flexible, local meeting venue which can support you with all the technology you need.

As well as being a leading name in business conferences and public events, The OEC is one of Sheffield’s best meeting venues for a wide array of businesses. Whether you need to host a board meeting to discuss crucial figures, or are simply looking to take your team on a team building away-day, we have a variety of rooms and spaces you can use to set up comfortably and efficiently. Why struggle for space in your own building when we can set you up with comfortable, roomy support on your doorstep?

Spectacular Training Room Hire

meeting room hire

Whenever you hire someone new into your business, you are going to need to train them. It’s just a fact of life! However, if you’re struggling to put together a training suite or centre on your own terms, it’s time you thought about looking at what local options are available to you at affordable rates.

The OEC’s fabulously-furnished meeting and training lounges are built to provide a little extra class and ‘wow factor’ to your proceedings. We’ve fit our rooms out with the latest in flexible technology and hardware support, meaning that if you need to host a presentation or need to encourage attendees to collaborate on a piece of software or similar, we will offer you all the support you require.

Training room hire doesn’t have to be difficult to come by. As a leading meeting venue in Sheffield, we’re pleased to present an array of suites and rooms which you can hire at short notice. What’s more, if you need space for parking, we have over 400 slots available on-site. Therefore, if you’d like to host a company-wide refresher or training event, you can count on us to set everything up for you.

The VIP Touch

With our VIP hospitality boxes, your teams will have access to incredible panoramas of the city beyond, as well as the ultimate in meeting room comfort. Rather than stick to the stuffy, uninspiring meeting rooms of old, OEC Sheffield’s training and meeting spaces are designed to maximise comfort for long periods of time. We understand that some meetings and events need plenty of time and space – and that’s why you’ll always be able to take advantage of our incredible, luxury suites when you need them.

We offer a range of VIP experiences and suite hires for less than you would expect to pay elsewhere. Therefore, we encourage you to get in touch with us to find out more. Our VIP boxes are perfect for seminars and meetings hosting up to 20 people, making them the perfect choice for high-profile board meetings or events. With the latest in technological capability, as well as the utmost in comfort, the meetings you host here will fly by. We don’t want to distract your business from stuffy spaces and uninspired décor. We’ve designed our suites to be modern, inspiring and always a pleasure to hire.

Team-Building Fun

Looking for a Meeting Venue in Sheffield? We Have You Covered! - team-building-event

Every once in a while, you may feel that your team needs a little bit of a morale booster, or a refresher of sorts. That’s why our event and meeting rooms are open for team building hire all year round. We believe that team building exercises and events are crucial to helping businesses glue together in times of high pressure. Therefore, you are always welcome to use The OEC’s fantastic suites and meeting rooms to carry out any team building tasks you have in mind.

Our training room hire is always flexible. No matter what business you need to carry out, all you need to do is let us know the space and facilities you require. This means that you can easily carry out important meetings and team-building exercises alike in our expansive spaces. What’s more, The OEC makes for a perfect conference venue. If you are hosting a wider conference event and need separate suites and rooms to present certain ideas, you simply need to ask us to build you a bespoke package.

As much as you need to build your teams, we need to build our packages on a bespoke basis to suit your requirements. We are more flexible than many room hire services in our region – and we therefore encourage you to take a closer look at our packages, rooms and services on offer.

Fantastic Facilities

Our amazing VIP boxes are extremely popular with local and national businesses alike. By hiring one of our VIP packages at our meeting venue, you’ll get access to free Wi-Fi, free refreshments, private seating, free parking, presentation facilities and full air conditioning. What’s more, if you’d like your meeting or training event to be catered, we have an on-site catering team who can whip up a buffet for you to suit all dietary requirements.

Essentially, we are here to change the way people see meetings. They shouldn’t be uncomfortable or tiring – and we want to make sure you and your team has a memorable, well-attended visit.

Book with The OEC

Want to know more about our fantastic meeting venue facilities? We’re always happy to chat and give you more details. To book in with us, choose from any of our fantastic suites or VIP boxes, and get in touch via phone on 0114 232 0266, or via email form. Let us know exactly what you need from the perfect meeting or training space, and we will endeavour to go above and beyond for you – just ask!

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